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Victim and Attacker

The punishment should be strict enough to set an example

The statement “in case of fights, both victim and attacker will be deported if they are expatriates” issued by the Interior Ministry has many meanings summarized in one sentence. It truly is a right to deport all those who create chaos and compromise the state’s security. Yet, many questions arise when you think about that statement in depth, such as:

What if the expat in that is a minor? Does deportation include the juvenile and his family? What is the mechanism of action in such cases?

Is the decision exclusive for males or does it include both genders?
Is the decision limited to physical attack? Or includes other types of assault?
Why is the decision limited to physical assault alone?
These orders were issued for expats, but what about citizens?

Is this decision subject to variation? Will it vanish like other decisions? As we all know, there was a decision made previously and stated that any expat who harasses a girl will be deported, but it lasted for a few hours only.
We are tired of listening to statements such as “mentally disturbed.” It is time to put a stop to such reckless behavior. Instead of studying the situation, it is time to take strict actions against any kind of assault. The punishment should be strict enough to set an example against such behavior. We also need to punish those who use wasta (connections) as a loophole to get around the law. It is a request that a law should be passed against people using wasta, because Kuwait is tired of it. — Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Anbaa

By Dr Nermin Al-Houti

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